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Insights & Analytics

Digital analytics is like a crystal ball. It helps us predict the future based on data and trends we gather from our users' online activity. We then use that information to craft a better websites, digital content and digital marketing strategies, which enhances the customer experience.



Promet is a metal testing laboratory that has traditionally focused on B2B business, they wanted to expand their business model to offer water tests to everyday consumers. To achieve this, Zong1 was tasked to create its social media presence and it required a substantial amount of research and analysis of the current industry in order to create a digital marketing plan that appeals to consumers. 

We created a report based on their target demographic, their psychographic profiles, as well as the type of content they would want to see. This assisted in increasing their brand awareness, engagement as well as increase sales sand conversion.

Promet Lab
Promet Water Test
More projects to be added soon...
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