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Branding is the cornerstone of any successful business. A memorable and distinctive brand makes an immediate impression on potential customers, builds trust and loyalty, and distinguishes your business from competitors.

Don't be afraid to rebrand yourself; staying relevant with the times is a good way to gain an advantage over your competition.

The Watch Almanac

A client approached us with an idea in mind: to sell luxury watches online. He wanted us to create the brand from scratch, as well as engage his target audience through social media.

The Watch Almanac was born.

We created their logo, brand assets, website, photographed their stock, and also created a social media strategy that will allow them to propel the brand into the spotlight and to attract local Hong Kongers to make their next luxury watch purchase with The Watch Almanac.

The Watch Almanac
luxury product
The Watch Almanac
The Watch Almanac
Mama Mia Pizzeria

Mama Mia Pizzeria approached us with a problem. They opened their restaurant in 2019 but were struggling to attract new customers to their takeaway restaurant located in Kowloon City. They were also confused with the general direction of the restaurant as they wanted to be authentically Italian, whilst channelling Japanese street food and New York vibes.


We helped them create a distinctive identity through a series of new dish designs and social media content and strategy. To drive traffic to the location and to promote these new flavours, we collaborated with over 20 KOLs to drive home our new identity and key messaging.

take-out restaurant
Mama Mia Pizzeria
MamaMia Pizzeria
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